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Please submit your assignments on our course Canvas page here.

Due Date Number Topic Task Sheet Solution
Tue. 9/5 Setup Installing AMPL, posting to Piazza pset0
Fri. 9/15 1 Intro to LP pset1 (AMPL file) solution
Fri. 9/22 2 Modeling, Geometry/Algebra pset2 solution
Fri. 9/29 3 Simplex Method asst3 solution
Fri. 10/6 EO I Extreme Optimization I: Optimizing radiation treatment EO1 EO1Files
Fri. 10/13 4 Duality pset4 (pset4–AMPL) solution AMPL
Practice Midterm 1 Practice Midterm solution AMPL
Fri. 10/27 5 Integer Programming pset5 (AMPL files) solution
Fri. 11/3 EO II Extreme Optimization 2: Kidney matching EO2,  (EO2 Files)
Fri 11/10 6 More IP: Cuts, formulation strength pset6( AMPL) solution
Fri 11/17 7 Super Markov Brothers pset7 solution
Practice Midterm 2 Practice Midterm 2 Solutions

Here is a zipped folder of AMPL models (e.g. prod.mod) that you may find helpful as examples when writing your AMPL code (it is the same file linked to on the Resources page): models